lenders-introLoan Science provides a wide array of solutions and analytics for lenders. We can deliver your organization a turnkey portfolio management platform, credit and pricing strategies, pre-charge off collections services, or customize an analytic model or hosted solution to fit your specific business challenge. All of our solutions are backed by data management and predictive analytic capabilities that have been honed across wide-ranging consumer loan asset classes at some of the world’s leading financial institutions. We’re a proven resource for student lending with demonstrated performance improving results for auto finance and other installment loan portfolios, as well.
Discover how we can help you dramatically improve your portfolio management strategies, tools, and results.


We leverage our core capabilities to design and build the right tools and solutions to solve your most pressing lending and portfolio management challenges. Loan Science clients depend on us to help them build and manage loan programs that consistently boost ROI.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Your data has an effective home with Loan Science, so it’s easy to leverage our analytics capabilities and deliver reporting:

  • Access information about your portfolio’s performance any time through our data warehouse
  • Receive standard reports and ad hoc requests quickly through our secure, online portal
  • Your data is fully hosted in our secure data warehouse that utilizes SSAE 16 certified data security measures
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

You’ll gain value right away from our predictive analytics that use your data to boost your underwriting, delinquency forecasting, and collections strategies.

  • Models are fully compliant with CFPB, FCRA, GLB and other applicable regulations
  • Can include advanced, custom credit scoring and granular risk-based pricing models
  • Changes are implemented in hours, not weeks or months
  • Custom hosted implementations or on your systems


Loan Science delivers highly effective collections programs and strategies based on tested, proven methods, which we execute on your behalf:

  • Dedicated team of agents perform outreach – saving you time and money
  • Predictive analytics determine precisely when to reach out to borrowers to maximize the impact of your budget
  • Early intervention programs are deployed where they can make an impact on reducing defaults
  • Tailored combination of communication channels and messaging for each borrower delivers optimal ROI
  • Sophisticated data-driven skip tracing strategies
  • State-of-the-art call center platform drives efficiency

Find out how we can optimize your loan portfolio performance with our customizable analytics, collections, and business intelligence tools


Frequently Asked Questions

We have almost a decade of transaction-level historical data on more than $1 billion in private student loans, varying from high-performing refinanced student loans to sub-prime loans. Equally important, our predictive analytics inform all of our performance optimization activities. And our pre-charge collections are up to 55% more effective in generating cash flow than typical student loan connections.

Most investors have access to publicly available data in student loan securitizations. While it’s better than nothing, the data is aggregated and difficult to understand at the loan level. What’s really important in student lending is the performance of each repayment vintage. Loan Science has the transaction-level data to analyze performance at the most granular level, providing much deeper insight for lenders and investors.

Avoiding disruption for borrowers is one of the keys to our success. Any payment that a delinquent borrower makes is sent directly to the servicer. If a payment plan is created, the payment arrangements go directly to the base server’s lock box. This simplifies the process for the borrower, while we receive a daily data refresh for the entire portfolio so we’ll know what payments were made the previous day.

I'm a Borrower

If we’ve contacted you on behalf of your school, our goal is to help you get back on track – without pressure. Our services are always at no cost to you the student borrower. Click here to learn more »

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